Shared FB CollectionArkiver is excited to announce the new share to Facebook feature!

In addition to sharing moments and collections privately through Arkiver, you can now easily post them to Facebook.

This new feature is great for posting vacation pics when you don’t want to be “that person” posting all 53 pictures of your relaxing island vacation but you want to post the best five on Facebook just to make your friends at least a teeny bit jealous!
If you’re sharing a Moment you can edit the description before posting and if you’re sharing a Collection you can edit descriptions and the album title and also remove moments you don’t want to post.  Arkiver can now be your hub for memory curation where you can choose which memories to keep private, which to share privately and now which to share on Facebook.

We’ve made sharing to Facebook super simple but for more info check out the step-by-step instructions we’ve posted on our support site.

Happy Facebook Sharing!