Most of our lives are made up of seemingly ordinary everyday moments.  Selectively capturing memories from our daily lives helps us appreciate how precious those moments in time truly are, but how do we do that?  How do we pick which to capture, which to keep and which ones to hit the delete button on?

Check out these 5 tips that I use for capturing everyday memories:


1. Keep Your Camera Around – This is easier now that we have smartphones with cameras built-in.  A moment is here and gone in seconds, so don’t get caught without your phone, a digital camera or even a waterproof camera if you’re at the beach!

2. Snap it First – Sure, we all want the perfect shot every time, but sometimes there’s beauty in imperfection and trying to get the perfect shot can ruin the moment.  For example, you don’t want to spoil the memory being created as your daughter reads to daddy by getting them to pose for a photo.  There’s a time and place for posed photos, but snapping pictures in the moment will capture great memories that often turn out better than the ones we try to engineer.

3. Think Beyond Pictures – Date and location metadata is now included in most of the digital pictures we take but not all the context you’ll want for your pictures is automatically generated.  Consider using a service like Arkiver to easily add descriptions and tags to pictures that will help you remember the stories behind the pictures and people in them.  These details not only add richness to your memories but also helps later when you’re trying to find selected memories.  With tools like Arkiver you can also capture quotes and write notes to preserve stories you don’t have pictures for and that would otherwise be lost and forgotten.

4. Edit As You Go – When looking at the everyday moments you capture they should pass the “I don’t want to forget that” test.  You’ll know if they pass because they’ll stir some type of emotion in you.  If they fail to do that, you may as well delete them so when you look back they won’t take attention away from the other more special moments.  Also consider adding some spice and emotion by using editing tools like cropping and Instagram-type filters.  Lucky for me, Arkiver has tons of editing options to personalize my photos.

5. Print Your Memories – If you’re precious memories are stuck on a device, harddrive or in the cloud, you’re less likely to enjoy them and they’re more likely to be lost over time. With Arkiver you can easily print photos to a Walgreens near you and we’re adding options for photobooks and other printed products soon.  Making a habit of printing selected photos and making photobooks periodically is a great way to preserve and enjoy your everyday memories.

We’d love to hear how you capture everyday memories, too! Please comment below if you have any questions or tips to share.

Thanks for reading and happy Arkiving!

Jenna Joswick
Hi, I’m Jenna one of the faces behind Arkiver’s social media. I end each day by having dinner with my fiance Brian and spending time with our two fur babies, Reese and Daisy, who often make guest appearances in Arkiver’s social media. I take lots of photos of my dogs and adventures with Brian and can easily organize and share them with family and friends thanks to @arkiverapp