It’s the holiday season and some of us are celebrating our first Christmas. It’s a tradition to document this time with professional and creative photos of our babies so that one day we can embarrass them when they bring home their first serious girlfriend or boyfriend! In this blog post we feature 10 babies who nailed their first Christmas. Enjoy!

1. Now that’s a stocking stuffer:


Photo Credit: Sarah Jordan Photography:

2. A little Frosty the snowman:

buzz 2PhotoCredit: Danielle Brasher Photography:

3. For the dog lovers:

buzz3PhotoCredit: Photography by Asiya:

4. And for the cat lovers:

buzz4PhotoCredit: Jenn Vogt Photography:

5. Sled time with big sister:


6. Baby in the Basket:

buzz6PhotoCredit: Getty Images/Hanhan Peggy

7. A little Christmas Troll:

buzz7Photo Credit: Rockhill Studio:

8. ‘Twas the night before Christmas:

buzz8Photo Credit: Erin Joyce Photography:

9. We love stocking baby:

buzz9Photo Credit: Laura Jane newborn photographer:

10. Peppermint baby is so sweet:

buzz10Photo Credit: Barefoot Photography: / Via Facebook: Barefoot­Photography­by­Tina Doane

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