Family Christmas traditions are times that you never want to forget. We all have memories of the times we spent with family during Christmas. From the years as a young child on Christmas morning to the Christmas Eve parties as adults. In this post, we wanted to share a few family Christmas traditions that your family may want to try out. This is an incredible time of year to be with family…Enjoy it!

  1. Christmas Book Unwrapping

    This is a great way to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit. You buy between 10 and 20 Christmas books and wrap them under the tree. Each day leading up to Christmas, you unwrap one as a family and read it aloud. This is a fun way to get the entire family involved and thankful for this time of year. (This tradition makes for some great 15 second videos and photos)

  2. Cookie Baking Day

    How could we forget about Santa? Cookie baking day is a great way to connect the entire family over the sweets of Christmas. It’s great to look back on past family Christmas cookies to see how they have changed over time.

  3. Christmas Lights Destinations

    A classic family tradition is looking at the best Christmas lights destinations near home. It’s incredible how far Christmas lights have come over the past 20 years. Now there are dedicated light shows to the public all over the country. (Check out this video below!)

  4. Santa at the Mall

    We all have a photo or two with Santa at the mall. It is so important for kid’s to get that chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. And for him to let them know if they were naughty or nice ;).


  5. Christmas Tree Decorating

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but Christmas tree decorating is probably the most important family Christmas tradition. It really sets the stage for the rest of the Christmas season. Make sure to document the tree each year. It’s awesome to see how the Christmas trees evolve over time!

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