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Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, fourth graders in the US and their families will be entitled to free admission to America’s national parks, federal lands and waters. Pretty awesome right? Part of the White House’s “Every Kid in the Park” initiative, this program is made possible by the National Park Service and National Park Foundation.

Sign Up for National Parks Voucher for 2015

The objective is to introduce kids to the fun of outdoor recreation and the wonders that are our national parks. Students and families just need to sign up online and they will then get a voucher that grants entrance to the student and a carload of passengers to federal recreation areas for one year.

“There’s a difference between seeing a grizzly bear and two cubs on TV and on a screen and seeing them there [in the park]” – Dan Wenk, the interim president of the National Park Foundation.

So let’s spread the word on this opportunity and get more U.S. kids and their families seeing firsthand that nature can be one of the best educational experiences out there. The kids are sure to make memories at the parks that will last a lifetime. Who knows they might even bring their kids someday and they will have you to thank for it!


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