If you like exploring new places to capture amazing snaps of the wildlife and Mother Nature, Brendan Van Son’s extraordinary photography night in Banff National Park will appeal to you. If you know/follow Brendan, it’s not difficult to figure out he’s a crazy guy with some serious photography skills. He had planned a week to shoot the entire Banff National Park (a total of seven locations), but did so in just ONE EVENING (with the exception of two locations in Yoho National Park). That’s what we call determination and purpose. So, which locations did Brendan shoot during his trip? Well, read on to find out:

Vermillion Lakes

vermillion lakes

Vermillion Lakes is a beautiful location during the winter, as the lake is partially hot spring fed. (This means, people have access to warm open water year-round). However, the main challenge with this location was to filter out the light pollution from the Banff town site. So, Brendan (the genius he is) captured the location using 3 different styles of night photography: extremely long exposures capturing star trails, quick exposures at high ISO, and 50mm images at open aperture.

Castle Mountain

castle mountain

Initially, Brendon wanted to capture an image of the road itself with the mountain as the backdrop. However, due to improper lighting, the picture was almost impossible to capture. Finding the right spot was tricky too, so he settled for a different one along the bow river. This worked pretty well and Brendan shot with short exposures, capturing the star trails over Castle Mountain.

Lake Louise

lake louise

Lake Louise is a classic location for photography during the summer time, as the lake doesn’t freeze and the scenery is incredible. However, in the winter, photographers may face a little difficulty in capturing good images. Nevertheless, Brendan managed to capture beautiful snaps of the frozen lake and the fresh snow by finding a good spot on the old cabin on the lake.

Morant’s Curve

morants curve

Brendan enjoyed capturing the Morant’s Curve in Banff National Park, with the dramatic skies and classic views of the railroad tracks and beds in the river. He really hoped a train would pass through during his shoot, but things didn’t exactly work out.  Nevertheless, he did capture an amazing picture of a “sunset-meets-stars”.

Lake Minnewanka

lake minnewanka

Initially, Brendan had no plans to capture Lake Minnewanka but luck had something else in store for him and he was glad he visited the location. Brendan captured some amazing pictures of the icy scenery along the open water on the edges of the lake with the moon having a cool effect on the clouds.

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