So Disney World?  Are you thinking about planning your first family trip? Well, you must be excited and honestly you should be. However, if you want to make the most of your trip, you have to keep in mind how gigantic Disney World really is, so it’s only natural for you to feel overwhelmed once you step inside the theme park and your children start running around wild. Planning is the key to any smooth trip. Here are some important tips that will make your first time trip memorable and exciting:

Plan, Plan, Plan

Since it’s your first time at Disney World, you are bound to be overwhelmed and spend a few minutes just wondering about what you should do first. There are just so many things happening all at once, parades, events, and places to eat, etc. So, it’s best you do proper research and plan your trip in advance. Get all the info regarding the parade times, rides that your children are most likely to enjoy, and park schedule.

  • Know which rides are important to your kids in advance and send someone there first to get FastPasses so you do not have to wait.
  • Check the park’s website to know when they open and get there at least 20 minutes before so you have a shot at riding on the most popular rides without having to wait long.
  • Make sure you plan breaks in the middle

Pack a Backpack

Your backpack can be your lifesaver. Pack snacks, ponchos, a handy first aid kit, water bottles, extra diapers, and more. It’s also advisable you pack sunscreen.

Stay on Site

Stay on site at a resort. It will allow you to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. There is no point in upgrading your resort since you will only be using it for sleeping. Also, the transportation is a lifesaver. Staying on site means you will not have to waste time driving in every single day.

Ask Your Resort for Event Pins

Your resort will have pins for just about everything, may it be for first visits, anniversaries, birthdays, etc, and they are completely free. All you have to do is ask. If it’s your first time, you will get a first timer pin that is sure to get you tons of treats and freebies.

With all these great tips we hope you go prepared and ready on your first family adventure and with all the fantastic pictures you’ve taken be sure to save your memories with Arkiver!