It’s all about this romantic little step in the Mexican City of Guanajuato. The staircases and the narrow street are considered as the Alley of Kisses. A lot of people come to this place and kiss their loved ones because the legend is that it will bring good luck for 15 years…

BEW1PC Downtown historic district or Zona Centro of Guanajuato, Mexico, as the sun sets.

Paulina Acevedo and Alejandro were waiting for their shot to go to the third step of the stairwell and have a kiss. The couples kiss on the third red painted stair. This mark ensures their 15 years of luck in life.

According to Martinez, they were in the relationship for 7 months. Martinez took his girlfriend to the Mexican stairwell on her 20th birthday. When they asked each other if they wanted to follow the kissing ritual or not? They smiled and said no. After a few minutes, they were on the stairwell. Just like the thousands before them, Paulina and her boyfriend came here to follow the tradition.

There were a number of couples waiting for their turn to have a kiss. Some of them even had kids with them. Paulina found the local guide there, who was telling the story of Ana and Carlos to the people only for a small amount of money. One of the guides told that Ana was the daughter of a rich man while Carlos was a poor worker in Valenciana. They loved each other and one day Ana’s father found them kissing on the same stair. He warned Ana that he would kill her if they did were found again. The couple had a kiss again on the same stair not long after her father’s warning.  Ana’s father killed her when they were found, Carlos jumped to save Ana, but he died breaking his neck from the jump. Now, couples struck with love, come here and seek 15 years of luck after kissing.


After having a kiss on the third step, Paulina and her boyfriend entered the building where Ana and her father had lived. Upstairs was a small gift shop in what would have been Ana’s bedroom and a doorway that led out to the fateful balcony. Here, visitors had written their names, messages and meaningful dates on small locks, which they attached to the balcony’s metal bars in honor of love.

There was another waiting couple Rosario and Sauceda. They got married 43 years ago. Apparently, they were very happy with each other, but they wanted a little more luck in their life, that’s why they came here. The whole alley cheered when the old couple kissed.

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