The smartphone has solved the problem of carrying a camera with you while traveling. With better resolution lenses, larger storage and various attachments now available for your phone, there just isn’t a need to carry around a camera anymore. Here are 6 simple tips that can help you to take best quality photos with your smartphones…

1) Consider the bottom of the picture

If you’re going to take a vertical picture, then take the subject in 25% of the photo and sky in 75% of the photo. You can have an amazing shot even without using DSLR.

2) Only use flash when you need it

Don’t use the flash if you have considerable light in your surroundings, it will spoil the beauty of the photo if lit improperly. This means sometimes you should set your phone’s flash to “Off”. Flash is only needed when you have to take the photo in a dark room and you want to capture its different elements.

3) Use camera angles to add drama

Taking photos of a building may be boring, but you can make it interesting with the help of it’s angles. Adjust the angle of the photo to match or contrast with the object’s lines. You will be surprised how much drama can be added to a shot by playing around with camera angles.

4) Think of the best time of day to capture natural beauty

Figure out the best time of day to capture certain scenes. For an example cityscapes, mountains, waterfalls, forests and coastlines can all change in mood depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Think about when you want to capture what when planning your travel schedule.  Also try capturing these scenes in portrait and landscape for different effects.

5) Crop and edit photos

While capturing photos, you may capture parts of objects that are not exactly wanted in the frame. You can minimize all these problems by cropping and editing photos in Arkiver. You will be able to experiment with different coloring and artistic effects to add mood and depth to your photos.

6) Only keep the best

When you’re done taking your desired scene decide which one or two are the best and delete the rest. This keeps your gallery clean and frees up memory to take more photos. If you don’t want to delete any, upload just the best to Arkiver so at least you’ll have one place that is a showcase of your best shots.

With Arkiver you can keep your cherished travel photos safe and sound. Upload and share your most captivating moments in just a few easy steps.

Logan Metcalfe
Logan is the founder and CEO of Arkiver, a company dedicated to saving life stories. He lives in Greenville, SC with his wondeful wife and two children who inspired him to create Arkiver to preserve their family photos, videos and other memories and share them privately with his family back in New Zealand.