Wish you had your most meaningful memories at your fingertips? We built an app for that. Capture, share and enjoy your most precious memories on your Android phone or tablet with the Arkiver App released today on the Google Play Store

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Arkiver is now on Google Play Store

Too many of our life stories get lost and forgotten and too few are shared with those we love. They’re buried in camera rolls, social media accounts, shoeboxes and our own heads. That’s why we created Arkiver.
Arkiver is like a modern day scrapbook for your special memories:

  • Collect your best photos, videos, documents, audio, notes and quotes
  • Organize moments into collections and add descriptions & tags
  • Share and comment privately with family and friends
  • Post selectively to social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Print photos, photo books, greeting cards and more
  • Store everything securely in your own Dropbox or Google Drive

Here’s how our users have described Arkiver:

“Beautiful and intuitive like Pinterest, except private.”
“Supports different media like Evernote but is better for photos and videos.”
“Offers sharing features like Facebook without all the clutter.”
“Utilizes cloud storage services like Dropbox so I keep control of my stuff.”
“Provides printing services like Shutterfly without the uploading hassle.”

Arkiver is perfect for:

  • Parents to capture memories including quotes from their kids
  • Families to share and comment privately on life events
  • Individuals to keep a multimedia personal journal or diary
  • Adventurers to record and print their travel stories
  • Genealogists to curate and share their family history research
  • Entrepreneurs to document milestones in their business
  • Creatives to capture inspirations around them

Early adopters get unlimited use of Arkiver for free forever so download Arkiver to your Android phone or tablet now!

Arkiver also offers a web app and iphone/ipad app so it works across all devices and platforms.