With the advent of smartphones, capturing photos has never been easier and sharing them is almost effortless. Typically, you just press share and click the social account to post it to. So why do we need to print photos?

When Google’s VP also says we need to print more photos, it might just be time to listen. We’ve taken his advice to heart and put together our 4 top reasons to print photos…

1) Storage platforms change

Remember floppy disks? What about VHS home videos? And when is the last time you’ve used those to access the data stored on them? Technology evolves quickly and there’s no telling when your data storage device will be obsolete.


2) Formats change

One of the best parts of pictures is having a connection to the pasts, such as seeing pictures of grandparents in their youth. However, digital photos may not be the same in 20+ years due to bit rot. Additionally, software can change, which can render your old photos inaccessible. If a format fails or is no longer compatible with the current software, you may never be able to access that data again.


3) Cloud Storage has risks

Cloud storage is great for storing data (which is why Arkiver uses Dropbox or Google Drive to store your moments), but there is no guarantee that these business will be around in 20+ years. Additionally, accidents can happen. Whether user-caused or not, it never hurts to have a hardcopy around.


4) Enjoy your memories more

Too often our photos get buried in our camera rolls and social feeds and we never take the time to go back and enjoy them.  Having some photos around the house: on the fridge, the wall, in frames on the mantle; helps make the people we love and the memories created together a much bigger part of our everyday lives.


“If there are pictures that you really really care about then creating a physical instance is probably a good idea. Print them out, literally.” – Vint Cerf, Google VP

Thankfully, Arkiver makes it easy to print photos in various formats with the Print Center. There are multiple options for printing, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Calendars
  • Phone Cases
  • Mugs
  • Individual prints and photobooks
  • Home Decor

The Print Center gives step-by-step instructions, so there is virtually no learning curve–meaning more time to print and enjoy your favorite memories. You also get your items delivered straight to your door, which saves you time. The Printer Center is available on the website, as well as the iOS and Android apps. You can also print to your local Walgreens via the web app (if you live in the U.S.).

So what are you waiting for? Download Arkiver today and ensure your memories are preserved.

Alexis Tabb
Alexis is the marketing intern for Arkiver, a company dedicated to saving life stories. A senior at Washington and Lee University, she’s excited to work in her hometown of Greenville, SC to help others preserve their photos, videos and other memories and share them privately with their family and friends.