Evernote Price Increase: Arkiver is a Good Alternative

Evernote announced surprise changes to their pricing this week. Besides limiting uploads for users on the free plan, you are also limited to using it on two devices. So if you want to use it on your computer, tablet and phone, you’re out of luck.


If you’re searching for an alternative to Evernote that allows for unlimited uploads using unlimited devices for free forever, then you may want to give Arkiver a try.


Arkiver is a notebook for life – a simple way to collect, curate and privately share photos, video, documents and more. Everything is stored securely on your own Dropbox or Google Drive and there are apps for iOS, Android and the web.


Why switch to Arkiver?

Evernote restricts uploads on it’s free plan and limits your devices to two. Arkiver has no device limit and the only data restriction is that of your connected cloud storage account (Dropbox or Google Drive). What’s more, if you sign up now you will get use of Arkiver free forever.


Just like Evernote, with Arkiver you can upload all types of content: photos, documents, videos, and you can also create notes and quotes, (which save as PDFs) and record audio. Arkiver Collections work just like Evernote Notebooks and tagging features are similar.


As a content collection, curation and sharing tool, Arkiver can be used for various applications like journaling, managing genealogical research, saving and sharing family memories and keeping business notes. If you’re using Evernote basic, chances are you can use Arkiver to do the same thing.


Arkiver even has a free Web Collector Chrome extension that works like Evernote Web Clipper for saving pictures and text from the Web to your collections.


Other free Arkiver tools we’ve created that you won’t find on Evernote include:

  • Flashback that helps you enjoy random moments from the past.
  • Storyteller that helps you create a custom list of prompts to help you record more of your life stories.


We’ve got a lot more tools in the works and just added the Arkiver print center so you can easily create high quality personalized items like photo books, prints, cards and canvases right from the app. Now that’s something you can’t find in Evernote.


If you need document OCR and some of the more advanced Evernote features, you’ll probably be happy sticking with your paid Evernote subscription, but if you’re looking for an app that offers Evernote’s basic features along with sharing that’s like your own private Instagram, printing options like Shutterfly and the look and feel of Pinterest, then give Arkiver a look.


Sign Up now and get unlimited use of Arkiver free forever. What have you got to lose?

Alexis Tabb
Alexis is the marketing intern for Arkiver, a company dedicated to saving life stories. A senior at Washington and Lee University, she’s excited to work in her hometown of Greenville, SC to help others preserve their photos, videos and other memories and share them privately with their family and friends.