You asked for a super quick and easy way to upload hundreds of moments to Arkiver at once so here it is…Arkiver’s Desktop Uploader for Mac!

  • No more waiting for files to upload, everything will be done in the background so you can do other stuff and avoid staring at a progress bar.
  • Upload photos, videos, PDFs, documents (will be converted to PDFs) and audio files.
  • Uploads through Arkiver are unlimited. You are only constrained by the available storage on your connected Dropbox or Google Drive storage account.

How do you get started with the Desktop Uploader? Quickly and simply…

1. Download the Desktop Uploader from Arkiver – Login to your account at and navigate to the Tools section. Click the “Download” button on the Desktop Uploader tile and the installer will download to your desktop.


2. Install the Desktop Uploader – Just drag the Arkiver icon to your Apps folder and click OK to any messages that pop up.



3. Open the Desktop Uploader – Click the Arkiver icon in your Apps folder and you’ll see a little Arkiver icon appear in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click that and the Uploader window will open.



4. Login – You may be asked to login to Arkiver so do that next.

5. Upload moments – Pick one of your Arkiver Collections from the dropdown and the “Choose Files” button to select files to upload.

6. Enjoy! Your selected moments will automatically be uploaded to your chosen Arkiver collection.

Please contact if you run into any issues or have any feedback on what we can do to make it better.

Happy Arkiving!