How to Save your Favorite Valentines Day and Holiday Cards

The average person receives dozens of greeting cards each year with the big occasions being birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and the holidays. A few of them contain special heartfelt sentiments we don’t want to part with but even these end up tossed in a drawer where they sit for years unable to be enjoyed. Here’s how you can preserve and enjoy those memories without cluttering your home.

1) Create a Collection

The first step to preserving your old cards and letters is to create a collection where they’ll be stored. Some ideas for collection names are: Holiday Cards 2017, Valentines Memories, Letters from Dad, etc.
Tip: Start a separate collection of cards for your kids so their special memories will be preserved and they can look back and appreciate them when they are older.


2) Be Selective

So what should you save? Just as there’s no reason to save a birthday card from your dentist, cards without personal messages should go in the recycling bin. It isn’t the sparkly piece of store-bought cardboard that is important, it is the message inside. Only save cards that you find meaningful and will want to read again. These include cards with pictures and updates from distant friends and old relatives. Here’s an example of a Valentine’s Day card our daughter made that I wanted to keep :


3) Digitize the Card

Although you can take pictures of front and inside and join them using a collage tool like Instagram’s Layout, the easiest way is to just cut the card in half and align the front cover and the inside side by side. This way you only have to take one photo. Final

Save it to your Arkiver Collection with your iOS or Android device and make sure to add the date the card was written, a description of the occasion and the name of who gave it to you – this way you’ll be able to quickly find it later. Here’s what the captured moment will look like on the Arkiver web app:

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.37.36 PM

4) Make it a Habit

Do this for all special occasions and you will be amazed at how much clutter you eliminate and how much more you will enjoy those special personal sentiments. Because Arkiver stores your photos on your cloud storage of choice, you will be able to look back and enjoy these sweet memories at any time.

Tip: Use Arkiver to digitize your recipes to free up even more space.

Ashley West
Ashley is the marketing intern for Arkiver, a company devoted to preserving life’s beautiful memories. She is a senior at Furman University and is excited to help others save and share their stories with friends and family.