It’s said that the secret to household organization is to have a place for everything and for everything to be in its place. With spring cleaning in full swing, why not apply that thinking to your digital life too?

If your family is anything like ours, the volume of digital pictures, documents and other files fragmented across devices can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips for getting your personal digital life organized this spring.

1. Move to the cloud – Nowadays with the internet accessible almost everywhere and web-based apps to do for everything from document creation to photo organization, we no longer need to rely on software and files stored on our computers. Transitioning to web-based apps and moving your files to the cloud makes everything available on any device as long as you have an internet connection. Doing this also minimizes duplication and disorganization of files on different devices, reduces the risk of loss due to device failure and enables easier sharing. Google is the easiest way to go with email, calendar, cloud storage and access to their powerful suite of apps all coming together.


2. Automate backup – Backup your devices to the cloud and your cloud storage to an external drive. Photos are the most important things we have on our family’s devices and we use Google Photos to ensure they are all backed up in one place. I adjusted the settings on my account to also automatically copy those photos to my Google Drive storage and then use a tool called Insync to automatically save those to an external drive attached to my laptop. If you’re also looking for an easy way to backup your computer and attached external drive, I use Backblaze but you may want to check out some others.


3. Create and maintain a folder system on cloud storage – Create a system of folders that suits your needs on your cloud storage account. Make sure when you create new documents they are assigned to the right folder. Save attachments you receive via email that you want to keep to the same folder structure. Think twice before creating new folders and go back periodically to ensure everything is kept organized.


4. Create a space for the best of life – Even with the most organized system, traditional cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive are not great tools for curating and enjoying your memories. Files can only be stored in one folder without duplicating files and there are so many features, the user interface can be a little confusing. Google Photos is purpose built for storing your photos but it gets filled with e-v-e-r-y picture you take which can be overwhelming.



Arkiver is a scrapbook for the best of life without all the clutter:

  • Unlike other tools, that restrict you to adding photos and (maybe) videos, with Arkiver you can also add documents, notes, quotes and audio files. Our family uses it for adding quotes of the funny things the kids say and stories from vacations and everyday life that we love to go back and revisit.
  • Each file is called a “Moment” and each moment can be assigned to multiple collections without duplication.
  • Every moment you add is automatically synced to a folder on your Dropbox or Google Drive so it integrates with your backup system and you can enjoy these files with or without Arkiver.
  • There is robust tagging and search functions that make it easy to organize and find what you’re looking for.
  • Share collections and moments easily and privately so Arkiver is almost like a private Instagram. If you want to share from Arkiver to Facebook, Snapchat or WhatsApp, you can do that too through the mobile apps.
  • Print photos to your local Walgreens from the Arkiver web app and can create photobooks, wall art and many other products from within the web, iOS and Android apps.


To keep your digital life organized, everything needs a place and everything should be in its place. Moving to cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox are a great start and apps like Google Photos can help with pictures, but also become overwhelming. Try Arkiver for managing and enjoying the best of your family memories. You’ll be glad you did!

Logan Metcalfe
Logan is the founder and CEO of Arkiver, a company dedicated to saving life stories. He lives in Greenville, SC with his wondeful wife and two children who inspired him to create Arkiver to preserve their family photos, videos and other memories and share them privately with his family back in New Zealand.