New Feature: Share Your Account With A Partner

Invite Partner

Have one special person in your life you want to share an Arkiver account with?  Now you can!

Adding a partner to your Arkiver account allows them to view, add, edit and share memories on the same account. This feature is particularly great for parents who want to both participate in collecting, editing and sharing their kids’ memories.

Inviting someone to be your Arkiver account partner is a breeze and should make adding memories that you two make together a lot easier!

To get you started we’ve put together some simple step-by-step instructions on Arkiver Support.

Happy Arkiving!


Greenville startup Arkiver wants to save your family, one memory at a time

A couple of snippets from The Upstate Buisness Journal article written by Ashley Boncimino:

“[Arkiver is] a go-between content curator…aimed at pulling together important digital files in a kind of multi-purpose family scrapbook.”

“The idea right now is you’ve got all this stuff. You share a small subset of it on Facebook, but there is this middle ground where you could be sharing a whole lot more with family and friends.”

Read the full article on Upstate Business Journal

“The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.”

A. Whitney Brown

New Feature: Share From Arkiver To Facebook

Shared FB CollectionArkiver is excited to announce the new share to Facebook feature!

In addition to sharing moments and collections privately through Arkiver, you can now easily post them to Facebook.

This new feature is great for posting vacation pics when you don’t want to be “that person” posting all 53 pictures of your relaxing island vacation but you want to post the best five on Facebook just to make your friends at least a teeny bit jealous!
If you’re sharing a Moment you can edit the description before posting and if you’re sharing a Collection you can edit descriptions and the album title and also remove moments you don’t want to post.  Arkiver can now be your hub for memory curation where you can choose which memories to keep private, which to share privately and now which to share on Facebook.

We’ve made sharing to Facebook super simple but for more info check out the step-by-step instructions we’ve posted on our support site.

Happy Facebook Sharing!


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