National Parks to Visit in Winter

Looking for a way to get back to nature and get inspired by some beautiful scenery this winter? If so, heading to a National Park might be a good option. While most people abstain from camping or visiting national parks in the winter, it’s a great idea, especially if you want to spend some time alone and have nothing but nature for company.

Just think about it: a chance to see beautiful places without hundreds of tourists taking selfies in front of your favorite monuments. No loud people and children to ruin the calm and serene atmosphere. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing national parks to visit this winter.

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First Camping Trip? Here Are Some Tips To Help!

So, it’s your first camping trip? That is great! Going on an outdoor camping trip is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities today, giving you the opportunity to FINALLY leave your phone, computer, and tablet to enjoy Mother Nature at its finest. However, since it’s your first time, you may find it somewhat difficult to decide what to take with you. To help you out, here are a few tips/ideas to make the camping experience easier and more fun:

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A Night in Banff National Park with Brendan

If you like exploring new places to capture amazing snaps of the wildlife and Mother Nature, Brendan Van Son’s extraordinary photography night in Banff National Park will appeal to you. If you know/follow Brendan, it’s not difficult to figure out he’s a crazy guy with some serious photography skills. He had planned a week to shoot the entire Banff National Park (a total of seven locations), but did so in just ONE EVENING (with the exception of two locations in Yoho National Park). That’s what we call determination and purpose. So, which locations did Brendan shoot during his trip? Well, read on to find out:

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Tips for Sorting Your Digital Photos

In the digital age we live in today, it’s difficult to manage all your photos, spanning from your smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, and laptop. By now, you probably have a photo collection that’s swelling to the tens of thousands. So, how can you get the situation under control and organize your digital photos? Well, take a look at the tips below to find out:

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Three Brothers Rethink Old Photos in Epic Calendar For Mom

A popular gift idea these days is to give a completely customized calendar to a friend or loved one. Well these three brothers took that idea one step further for their loving mother and recreated some of their family’s most cherished and memorable moments by recapturing the very scene’s in the photo. This might be the best execution of this idea I’ve have ever seen!

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Multi-Generational Tradition Strung Together by a Single Sweater

Sometimes it’s the story behind the old family hand-me-down that makes that item special to us; such is the case with the Gose family. When Brady Gose, a 7-year-old from Brownsburg, Indiana, got his picture taken for the first-grade, he was carrying on a 61-year-old family tradition. Wearing the same grey sweater that his father, grandfather and great-uncle all wore for their first-grade picture, Brady is now the fifth person in his family to don the sentimental sweater. Brady’s dad, Chuck says that Brady knows how special this sweater is to his family, and hopes that one day Brady will pass it down to his kids. Do you have any unique family traditions like this?

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5 Most Memorable Events of 2015

On the eve of 2016 we decided to take a look back at five of the most memorable events of 2015. In a year marked by tragedy, political division and protest, 2015 also gave us some groundbreaking scientific discoveries and a few heart warming moments. Here’s the top five most memorable moments of 2015 as ranked by Arkiver.

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family christmas tradition

5 Memorable Family Christmas Traditions

Family Christmas traditions are times that you never want to forget. We all have memories of the times we spent with family during Christmas. From the years as a young child on Christmas morning to the Christmas Eve parties as adults. In this post, we wanted to share a few family Christmas traditions that your family may want to try out. This is an incredible time of year to be with family…Enjoy it!

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10 Babies Nailing Their First Christmas Photos

It’s the holiday season and some of us are celebrating our first Christmas. It’s a tradition to document this time with professional and creative photos of our babies so that one day we can embarrass them when they bring home their first serious girlfriend or boyfriend! In this blog post we feature 10 babies who nailed their first Christmas. Enjoy!

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Gifts From The Arkiver Elves!

The Arkiver Elves have been hard at work! They’ve created three brand new tools for you this holiday season and you don’t even need to wait for Santa. They cut out the middleman and delivered them early direct to your Arkiver account!

  • Web Collector is a Chrome extension that enables you to save pictures and text from the web to your Arkiver account.
  • Flashback randomly picks moments from your past for you to enjoy.
  • Storyteller lets you create a custom list of prompts to help you capture stories that may otherwise be forgotten.


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New Feature: Download Arkiver Moments To Your Computer

We believe that everything you preserve through Arkiver belongs to you. While other services may hold them hostage, we vow never to stand between you and your memories. That’s why all your Arkiver moments are stored on your own Dropbox account, rather than our servers.

To further strengthen the control you have over your stuff, we’ve just enabled direct downloads to your computer.


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Arkiver’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is a special time for most American families. For some it’s a time to provide life updates to family members who otherwise rarely communicate. Others share stories and revisit memories of years past through old photo albums and home videos. The traditions of Thanksgiving vary from family to family, however the tradition of eating is universal. While the special recipes and niche items vary from place to place, we here at Arkiver have put together our Top 10 list of staple foods that feature on most Thanksgiving tables across America…

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New Feature: Share Your Account With A Partner

Invite Partner

Have one special person in your life you want to share an Arkiver account with?  Now you can!

Adding a partner to your Arkiver account allows them to view, add, edit and share memories on the same account. This feature is particularly great for parents who want to both participate in collecting, editing and sharing their kids’ memories.

Inviting someone to be your Arkiver account partner is a breeze and should make adding memories that you two make together a lot easier!

To get you started we’ve put together some simple step-by-step instructions on Arkiver Support.

Happy Arkiving!


Storytelling for the Modern Family

Since the development of language, people have shared stories. Our prehistoric ancestors used stories to bond, teach, and entertain and today we continue to use stories for these same reasons. Not much has changed. Or has it?


While the power of stories to move us has remained constant, the main source of these stories has changed. Family stories have been replaced by those created by distant organizations, served up to us conveniently on our ever-present electronic devices. The fading presence of family in the narratives that inform our behavior is costing us dearly. It is time to bring family storytelling back.

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Celebrating Grandparent’s Day: Then and Now

Happy Grandparent’s Day from all of us here at Arkiver. We hope you spend the day celebrating your Grandparents who are living and take time to remember those who are no longer here with us.

I always celebrated Grandparent’s Day by making a gift and card and showing them how much I loved them. I wanted to learn more about the history of Grandparent’s Day and share it with you.

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How Memories Can Give You a New Perspective On Life

We are planners. You’ve most likely heard your parents say, “think about your future,” at some point in your life. It’s easy to get caught in the grind, constantly collecting goals and to-dos in endless lists. From the grocery list on the fridge to your work calendar at the office, we find ourselves effortlessly traversing and organizing the future. Advertising, media, and a human desire to achieve more all drive us to dwell on what we don’t have and what we haven’t achieved, rather than appreciating all that we have already accomplished.


So, what about the past?


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Greenville startup Arkiver wants to save your family, one memory at a time

A couple of snippets from The Upstate Buisness Journal article written by Ashley Boncimino:

“[Arkiver is] a go-between content curator…aimed at pulling together important digital files in a kind of multi-purpose family scrapbook.”

“The idea right now is you’ve got all this stuff. You share a small subset of it on Facebook, but there is this middle ground where you could be sharing a whole lot more with family and friends.”

Read the full article on Upstate Business Journal

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