8 Ways We Fail to Preserve Our Memories

The stories of our lives are being lost. We now carry mobile devices that can snap photos, record videos and communicate what is going on in our lives via our social networks but we fail to record many meaningful stories of our lives and we do a poor job of organizing and preserving our exploding volume of digital memories. Here are 8 ways we fail to preserve our memories…

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5 Tips To Capture Your Everyday Memories

Most of our lives are made up of seemingly ordinary everyday moments.  Selectively capturing memories from our daily lives helps us appreciate how precious those moments in time truly are, but how do we do that?  How do we pick which to capture, which to keep and which ones to hit the delete button on?

Check out these 5 tips that I use for capturing everyday memories:

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What is Arkiver?

Our mission at Arkiver is to save life stories.

Despite dramatic advances in technology, our personal histories are more fragile than ever. We snap more photos than ever but we rarely record the stories that convey the richness of life that pictures alone can’t capture. We lack the tools to enjoy our memories in ways that fit with our busy lifestyles.  We overestimate the reliability of the hardware, software and online services that store much of the content of our lives.

Arkiver was created to solve these problems.  We do this in two ways:

1) Arkiver App:  We create amazing tools that enable you to collect, organize, save and share your memories.

2) Arkiver Blog: We provide information and resources that help you better manage and enjoy your memories.

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“The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down.”

A. Whitney Brown

New Feature: Share From Arkiver To Facebook

Shared FB CollectionArkiver is excited to announce the new share to Facebook feature!

In addition to sharing moments and collections privately through Arkiver, you can now easily post them to Facebook.

This new feature is great for posting vacation pics when you don’t want to be “that person” posting all 53 pictures of your relaxing island vacation but you want to post the best five on Facebook just to make your friends at least a teeny bit jealous!
If you’re sharing a Moment you can edit the description before posting and if you’re sharing a Collection you can edit descriptions and the album title and also remove moments you don’t want to post.  Arkiver can now be your hub for memory curation where you can choose which memories to keep private, which to share privately and now which to share on Facebook.

We’ve made sharing to Facebook super simple but for more info check out the step-by-step instructions we’ve posted on our support site.

Happy Facebook Sharing!


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