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8 Ways to Avoid Vacation Photo Overload

We all love summer vacation, but we typically return overloaded with photos and mementos. Whether it’s our kids happily building sand castles or a photo opp in front of the Trevi fountain, how can we not take a picture to capture those moments? Usually we’ll take several just to make sure the scene is composed perfectly and everyone is smiling. Sound familiar?


Unfortunately, once we get back home, sorting through all these memories can be stressful and time consuming. Often it’s a job we put off and never complete. Here’s a few ideas to help you avoid photo overload this summer and create a wonderful record of your vacation for you and your family.


Alexis Tabb
Alexis is the marketing intern for Arkiver, a company dedicated to saving life stories. A senior at Washington and Lee University, she’s excited to work in her hometown of Greenville, SC to help others preserve their photos, videos and other memories and share them privately with their family and friends.
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The Most Reasonable Times to Vacation at the Most Expensive Destinations

In today’s hectic life, good timing is, without a doubt, the most important element for success. The same goes for vacation. To take advantage of the best rates, you need to be familiar with the peak and reasonable times. The latest example comes from a price analysis report by TripAdvisor, which found that travelers can leverage amazing discounts in top destinations, simply by traveling at the right time and date.

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